Introducing The Landeen Photography blog

I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself. Alex Landeen, professional photographer and Fat Guy Fly Fisherman extraordinaire has started a new blog about the fine art of recording radiation on sensitive mediums, and telling the story in literary form too:

I didn’t know this man, and he didn’t know me but as I stood in this place with the playful wind and soft orange end-of-day light I felt closer to something I couldn’t quite touch.Who was Larry Titus? Who are his grilling, drinking, party friends? Has he finally found some gas?

I will probably never know, so I took a photo instead.

I don’t know Larry either, but I do know Landeen (and have the bar tab receipts to prove it). And while there are plenty of photography blogs out there, I also know that when the words professional and photography are used around Alex’s name, they really should be spelled with capital Ps. He’s just that good. You can see more of his work here.

MG signing off (excited that he’s about to get more photo tips from Alex without having to buy him any beer)


You know you like buying me beer you big sweetheart you.

Tell Alex to give me that goddamm gas can back before all hell breaks lose.


Wow that seemed funnier and made more sense after getting back from the bar last night.

Still seems funny to me at 9:45 am, but then again I like inside jokes.

It seems someone drilled it full of holes, so you can have it back.


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