Quick review: The Barry Reynolds “Hog Collector” Collection of fly fishing videos

The Barry Reynolds Hog CollectionTwo videos might not make a collection, but this should not matter to you. There’s a fine art to collecting hogs, and Barry Reynolds is the RembrandtPicasso … ok, maybe just the Andy Warhol of the practice. Mr. Reynolds is best known for chasing fish that other fly anglers don’t have the stomach for ignore. His specialties are pike and carp.

Barry Reynolds is also famous throughout the angling world for known for being my partner in the last South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam. We placed second, so it’s obvious I can’t hold back the bias with a full blown review of his videos. I’m therefore making it quick…

Pike On The Fly: In Pursuit of the Water Wolf is a collection of sheer and utter badassery of the likes I have never seen and you probably haven’t either. The lengthy clip of Barry and his crew whaling trophy pike after trophy pike on top water flies, bagging what had to be fifty to sixty of them in a single afternoon, is enough to make even the most purist dry fly angler green with envy. The multiple catches over fifty inches runs a close second.

Urban Warfare: In Pursuit of the Poor Man’s Bonefish is Reynolds most recent flick. It’s an assemblage of carp mayhem with nuclear reactors water treatment plants consistently in background. Barry often wet wades the urban South Platte, which is comes complete with a happy helping of e.coli. Some think the carp must be Barry must be immune to e. coli infection. Those people are probably right. This flick also has an ample supply of tips, as does it’s pike-oriented sister.

I don’t know the wheres, hows, or dollars involved in obtaining either of these videos as they were handed to me gratis by the man himself. So I’m going to make it easy on you – send via email or post a link to a picture of you with either a 35+ inch pike or a 28+ inch carp, with your fly rod in plain view, and I’ll send you the respective video absolutely, 100%, un-categorically free. I’ll be the judge as to size (unless your photographic evidence includes the tape), and I reserve the right to badger you incessantly regarding proof of identity.

That was unbiased quick, eh?


butters says:

Hey Gracie,
Thats very generous of you, but knowing how nice of a guy you are that doesn’t surprise me. Don’t forget to mention that his first video The Fly Rodders Guide to Carp is also very good.

Well Luna, since I have you (and probably only you) fooled, you can have both videos! Wanna pick them up?

FYI: The videos are gone.

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