What Fly Fishing Retailer is really all about

Some say it’s about camaraderie, pressing palms with folks you’ve only ever corresponded with via email or phone. For others, it’s about cutting a few deals, picking up another line or getting your product in that shop. If you were at Bubba Gumps on Thursday night, you’d think it was about the ten pounds of boiled shrimp you ate. And if you rode with me to the Drake Film Awards you might have thought it was about all the stuff you left in my truck right after someone started calling for shots and I smartly exited stage left.

But what it’s really all about is watching professional fly fishing guides trying to pick up the best looking server at the Strata Bar, and failing miserably at least getting a chance picture out of it.

What was her name again?

Bad pickup lines, boys and girls. It’s about building up a veritable arsenal of bad pickup lines.


DAMN, I woulda fit right in!

Pickup lines are definitely like artillery: you can drop a nuke, or rely on a wave of small-arms fire to subdue your quarry. Either way it usually ends up messy.

Is “messy” a matter of internal perspective, or final outcome?

slavetotheflyrod says:

Looks like Tom’s in rare form. Wait, scratch that, upon closer inspection it appears it’s business as usual for a man that couldn’t get action in a women’s prison with a carton of cigarettes taped to his back.

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