Fishy Kid says get your Gauguin going

Fishy Kid, the coloring contest collaboration by Cameron Mortenson and Kevin Powell, is coming to a close soon. There are plenty of great prizes available for the kiddies, and the adults haven’t been forgotten either. That’s right – adults can participate too!

In certain circles I’m not considered an adult, but I decided to enter anyway. Knowing my drawing skills wouldn’t pass muster in even the Age 1-5 category, I tossed in some international flair hoping for originality points…

Canada  Chile  New Zealand  United States

The series is entitled Hot Spots, and after toiling for hours I know I it’s my ticket to fame – I’m certain to be regarded as the George Seurat of the fly fishing art world. That does not, however, mean you can’t take the Monet, Cezanne, or Renior slots. You can check out all the competition here.

The contest closes to new entries on November 30, so get cracking Van Gogh.

MG signing off (to send out invitations for my upcoming Edgar Degas look-alike party)


“Sure sweetie, mommy would love to hang them on the fridge.”

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