Lowering the bar for the winter

Lowering the photography bar tooThe call came in Monday at 7:58 am.

VOICE #1: How was it?!

VOICE #2: So so. We picked up plenty of stockers, but only two decent native bows. No rhyme or reason.

VOICE #1: How was the weather?

VOICE #2: Nice, and cold, in the morning. Got some cloud cover in the afternoon, but didn’t see any bugs. Probably too cold.

VOICE #1: Okay. I’m on my way to work. Will catch up soon. See ya.

An early winter fishing report, exchanged in less than sixty seconds and in under sixty words. No embellishments about a bang-up day. No mention of a post-outing beer guzzling fest either. Someone hoping to live vicariously through a fishing story. Sorely disappointed. It just didn’t happen.

It’s a sign of the season. Lowering the bar for the winter.

MG signing off (to find a ballroom dancing class for winter, thinking it might just improve his wading skills come spring)


Nate says:

Ain’t that the truth.

When you “crush ’em” you crush ’em. When you don’t you don’t.

Gregory says:

It appears that in my departure the trout have realized there are no anglers worthy enough to reward in the state of Colorado. I will be back in the spring so that they may return to your offerings while you are graced with my presence.

Does this mean the stripers will be crashing the flats around Nantucket in perpetuity? And where the hell is my plane ticket?

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