Some things I’ve learned through fly fishing

  • Find something you like to do, and make a point of doing it well. If at all possible, exceptionally well. You will find you like it even more.
  • If the best you can do still isn’t satisfying, invite someone to join who is better than you. Then watch and listen closely. You’ll be better next time around.
  • It isn’t necessary to buy the most you can afford, but you’d be well served by buying the best you can afford. Then, take care of it as though you can never afford it again.
  • Patience is not a virtue. It’s for those who can’t be bothered changing venue or tactics. When things aren’t working out precisely as you imagined, switch gears.
  • Life isn’t short. In fact it’s the longest thing a human being will ever experience. There will be plenty of opportunities to exercise forethought. So practice every chance you get.
  • The discrete experiences in the course of life are, however, fleeting. Relish the good ones like they’re the last you’ll have, and take note of the bad ones too. Remember both good and bad will be coming back around momentarily.
  • Pay attention to details. Even those that seem trivial at the time could make the difference.
  • Being prepared goes beyond the material realm. It means being knowledgeable about the conditions you will face, having a plan for engaging them, and getting a decent night’s rest so you aren’t asleep at the wheel.
  • Passion does not mean obsession. The latter is nearly always one-dimensional, while the former, when embraced in conjunction with balance, will surely spill over positively into other aspects of your life.
  • And finally…

  • Learn to tell good stories. And when you’re alone, remind yourself that’s really all they are.

PS: I’d love to hear about other’s learning experiences on the water.


Great stuff Michael. Agreed on all fronts, especially with patience not being a virtue. One very important aspect of switching gears if things aren’t working out is to move! Maybe you’re doing the wrong thing…or maybe you’re just doing it in the wrong place.

Evan Davies says:

Great insight! I especially agree with being prepared and not just in the material realm, as it can apply to many different aspects of life.

Ed says:

A victory can sometimes be snatched from the jaws of defeat so never give up! 🙂

If your fishing partner obviously had too much to drink the night before, be sure to fish upstream from him so you don’t end up with last night’s lasagna sticking to your waders.

Great list – especially like the “Learn to tell good stories…” Only problem is, when I’m alone, I tend to play with matches and yell at Shadow People, so I’m a little too preoccupied to remind myself that they’re just stories…

butters says:

Hey Gracie great stuff buddy, I enjoyed reading every last bit of it. Very interesting point of view on life. Hope you’re doing great!

Butters – just got off the phone with the Miltaculous Snyder. Acquired your phone number, which means you’re in trouble.

PS: CA…have you been able to get rid of those Shadow Peeps? They scream back at me!

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