A pile of end of year fly fishing gear deals for folks on a budget

Piggy bankWith the holiday season in full swing, there simply isn’t much time to fish. It is, however, always time to get ready for the next round, whether it be a single trip or the upcoming season. Budgets may be tight, but these are the transition months when manufacturers roll out new stuff for the gift-giving rush, and retailers dump last year’s everything. In other words, it’s a darn good time to be picking up fly fishing gear. Deals abound…

Keep your crayon inside the lines

The Fishy Kid coloring contest is over, and Cameron Mortenson has already informed me that my adult contest entries are being lopped into a new category called Disturbing. He also told me there are some incredible scores to be had on Loop rods and reels, some examples which follow:Loop

  • AEG 5wt 3-piece rods…$90
  • Evotec G3 3/5 and 5/7 reels…$145
  • Opti Creek reels for $230 and Opti Big reels for $315

This proves that even if you can’t color worth a shit, you can still have some nice gear in your bag. To take advantage of any of these (or other) first-come, first-serve, cash-only Loop deals, contact Cameron directly via the following email address: heddonpal [at] fiberglassflyrodders [dot] org.

For the barley and hops crowd

OrvisMatt Dunn, famed connoisseur of fish and beer who is still (kinda/sorta) my friend even though I punched him in the nose and never apologized, has a bunch of shop specials running right this moment. That’s right – he’s a baitfishing bastard straight shooter, lazy reliable, a little slow sharp as a tack, AND he runs a fly shop, JL Waters & Company of Bloomington, Indiana. Here you go:

  • Rods: An Orvis T3 4-piece 9′ 7wt tip flex 9.5 is now $419, and if you mention that you despise my writing Matt will throw in a free Orvis Wonderline Generation 3 Streamer Stripper line or a Clear Sink Tip line.  Matt will also throw in both lines for $35, but you have to swear you’ll never read this blog again. An Orvis T3 4-piece 9′ 5wt tip flex 9.5 is now $375 for those willing to vandalize my truck while it’s sitting at the Morrison Park n’ Ride, and Matt will toss you B&W Dry Tackle Bag if you send him pictures of the damage. A TFO NXT 4-piece 8/9wt med-fast is only $60, and a 9wt Orvis Wonderline Generation 3 Bass taper will run you $35 along with it. You have to disparage me, but only over the phone.
  • TFOReels: Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock IV for 7-9wt is now $99 for anyone that de-friends Gracie on Facebook. A TFO MKI for 4-6wt is now $100 if you stop following me on Twitter, and the TFO MK II for 6-8wt is now $109 if you do either. Spare spools for all MKs are 50% off, and you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Waders, etc.: Orvis Silver Label 2 are $109 – there are one each, S, M, and L in the store.  Orvis Pro Guide II are now $189 – one each of S7-8 and L9-10 are available.  Orvis Packable Wading Jackets (the older model) with adjustable neoprene wrist gaskets is now $79, and there’s one each in S and M (he he). No abuse required.

Matt’s flat rate for ground shipping is $7, while rods ship for $14. You can email him via flyfish [dot] jlwaters [at] gmail [dot] com for orders and details on other great deals he has going.

My finds

CloudveilCloudveil 8X Pro waders might be in the queue for an update, but that doesn’t mean that the ’09 models aren’t fit for a king. And there are plenty of them still floating around, not surprising considering yours truly reviewed them. Several eBay vendors are presently running specials on them, in plenty of sizes, and in some cases with prices under the $250 mark. Like I said…they’re fabulous (even though I wear them too).

SimmsWhile some question the reliability of rubber-soled wading boots, and still others question whether felt soles are just a scapegoat, it never hurts to clean and completely dry your gear. The problem is felt dries too slowly for the obsessed passionate angler. But, if you have several sets of felt soled boots you can switch pairs between outings, giving the last ones time to dry (or thaw, if you stuff them in the freezer). Simms, and their dealers, just made that easier – with Simms killing all felt soles for 2010 there are plenty of them now available, and on the cheap. eBay is again a good place to start, with Simms felt-soled boots in many models, and many at more than 50% off retail.

There’s probably a heck of a lot more out there too – you just have to look. And if you look, feel free to share your finds with the rest of us.

Happy holiday gear deal hunting!

MG signing off (to buy a lifetime supply of…something…before the deals are gone)


Matt Dunn says:

Gracie, your wit continues to impress me. Someone please buy this stuff. Baby needs a new pair of shoes. And an Orvis Hydros.

Hey Matt…. what would one get if that person, say, flew to CO and punched Gracie in the nose?

Matt Dunn says:

Alex- if you fly to Colorado and give Gracie a big hug, I will give you a T3.

You’re on! Can I grab his ass, too?

Sure! And if you do I’ll GIVE you a ten year old 3wt SA Mastery DT line.

hahahahahahah nice M.G.

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