Twisting Dow facts for fun and games this Christmas Eve

The Business Week headline…Stocks end shortened session at new 2009 highs. Alright!

USA Today sayeth…Stocks close for Christmas at highs for the year. Wowza!

BizJournals via MSN Money (and I’ll note that at least they weren’t syndicating the same ol’ same ‘ol from the AP)…Dow closes at one-year high. Still…yeehaw!

Time for a hip-hip-hooray? Go out and buy another widescreen TV before BestBuy closes?

If you were investing in lockstep with the long term horizon preached to you by your financial advisor, you might want to think twice. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the day at 10,520.10. On December 24th, 1999 the DJIA closed at 11,405.76. It’s not-so-technically down 885.66, or 7.8%, over the last decade.

Put a sock in it, financial press cheerleaders.

And by the way, Merry Christmas!

Editor’s note: Warren Buffett, along with a pile of hedge fund managers, should still rush out and get new Blue Ray players.

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