A pathetic first fly

At approximately 11:30pm yesterday, after struggling with database queries for most of the evening, I poured a lightly dressed cocktail. The vise was mounted, and I attempted to tie a carp pattern I’ve been thinking about. The vision was a small crawfish, lacking color, much as I’ve seen darting about in certain environs.

Using a size 6 Gamakatsu SL45 hook, I piled on some artificial everything, then sat back with drink in hand gazing at my creation.

It was not what I had planned.

While the tint and general size was precisely as imagined, the fly appeared anorexic. I need to figure out a way to make it much fuller. Maybe more material, or different materials altogether. And the final wraps near the eye are downright awful. I could blame it on the alcohol, but that was only two fingers and some ice – it’s my own digits that must take the heat.

I’ve tied ten flies in the last half-decade, and most of those were San Juan Worms, but I’m not going easy on myself. I need practice, lots of practice. And a few suggestions wouldn’t hurt either.

This fly goes straight into the bonefish box – no surprise because it is on a bonefish hook, but sad considering that particular box is in sore need of use.

MG signing off (to rethink, while panhandling for ideas)


Riceman says:

Put it back in your carp box. A fish will eat it in August.

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