Everyone can be a Fishy Kid

You cast. You catch. You land. You smile.

You color. You lobby. You lose. And you still smile.

This afternoon I checked the mail, and smiled yet again.

A pile of schwag compliments of the folks at FishyKid.org.

Included in the consolation package was a piece of Buff headwear, a Moffitt Angling System, a copy of Rivers of a Lost Coast, and a bunch of sweet stickers. All I can say is…thanks Cameron and Kevin.

MG signing off (to brush up on my coloring skills for the next contest)


I want to borrow that Rivers of a Lost Coast DVD when you’re done.

I am done with it, but I promised it to Ben Rioux (@MaineFlyBoi) at the starving student free (his for life or until he graduates, which ever comes later). Planned on mailing it to him this week. I am sure he would be willing to loan it to you – maybe it can head to NYC first?

I didn’t even see this post until today. I’m not always on Twitter enough to follow the dialogue sometimes. HA…

Glad you liked the swag package! Enjoy. I thought Rivers of a Lost Coast was wonderfully done.

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