International Sportmen’s Expo 2010: Coming soon to a convention center near you

The folks running this year’s International Sportsmen’s Expo have agreed to put on the show without the need to sit in the dead center of the room so you can actually enjoy it. The default viewing format is 3D, but you won’t see anybody fighting over anti-gravity rocks by shooting recurve bows from atop technicolor flying dragons. It’s therefore a shoe-in to win an Oscar.

The Denver show takes place beginning next week, specifically January 7th through the 10th. It will continue on in San Mateo and Sacramento, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Salt Lake City, UT thereafter, but the Denver proceeding is a really big deal. Why you ask? Because I’m going to be there, which means you’ll have a chance to tape a “kick me” placard on my back. Fun, fun, fun!

Last year I brought you interviews with casting instructor David Phares, flyfishing luminary Lefty Kreh, and Colorado fishing guides extraordinaire Pat Dorsey and Chris Ramos. Not one to rest on my laurels, this year’s schedule will provide extra bunches of family friendly enjoyment…


I’ll be showing you how to knock the tip clear off a Sage TCX fly rod with size 10 black bullet-headed rubber bugger, after completing no more than 67 false casts…at the casting pond, all day Friday and Saturday (or until the Sage reps run out of demo rods). Also, I’ll be providing one-on-one training on how to fill up on beef jerky and fruity sports drink samples without spending a dime – Thursday through Sunday, weather permitting.


I’m going to talk with Billy Bob the Huntin’ Dude and Jim Bob the Fishin’ Guy, and will be posting an unedited podcast of that discussion over at the iTunes store the moment those Apple cheapskates pay me the advance they promised. Should the folks in Cupertino pull their usual FAIL, I’ll spend the unused time stalking Nicole Garland (and if April Vokey is sighted I might stalk her too). If pending arrest becomes a real-world possibility, I might sit down with streamer tossing maven Kelly Galloup – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or until incarceration.


I’m giving a presentation entitled How to scout fishing waters from the comfort of your sofa. Show organizers willing, I’ll also be telling you how to properly bribe private property owners, including what types of hooch golf course greens keepers like the most, and also showing you how to scale electrified and/or razor-wired fences with two $1,000 rod/reel combinations and a six-pack of PBR under your arm…at the Fly Fishing Theatre, Saturday the 9th, at 1:30pm.

If all that wasn’t enough, there will be a few movie premiers too. Confluence Films’ Rise, the second full-length movie from the producers of Drift, can be seen in it’s entirety in Upper Lobby D of the Colorado Convention Center, Saturday evening (that’s the 9th) at 6:30pm. Free for all show attendees. Also, the documentary Red Gold, a collaboration between Felt Soul Media and Trout Unlimited on Bristol Bay and Pebble Mine, will be showing at Cervantes Lounge, 2637 Welton Street, at 7:30 and 9:30. You can watch it twice! And drink the place dry in between.

Be there or be a complete loser who’d rather sit on the couch watching Oprah reruns while eating leftover Christmas chocolates square.

MG signing off (to dig up some disguises so Nicole and/or April won’t recognize me)

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