RIP Charlie Meyers

I woke this morning, darkness filling the room. Hours later light was still dim, and I came to the conclusion today was one of those January days where the sun seemingly would not rise. With good reason.

Charlie Meyers, the longtime outdoors editor for the Denver Post, passed yesterday after a valiant battle with cancer. Mr. Meyers was a constant fixture on the flyfishing scene, providing locals with news and information, and frequent smiles. Some were lucky enough to fish with him, and a few exceptionally grateful folks were gifted with his mentoring and friendship.

One of those students and close friends of Meyers, Kirk Deeter, editor at Angling Trade and Field & Stream’s Fly Talk, has more about a legend lost.

Rest in peace Mr. Meyers.


tom says:

I hadn’t heard. Wow. I’ve been reading that guys articles for as long as I can remember. Institution in the Colorado outdoors for sure. RIP.

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