Must-have tunes for those who haven’t caught a permit on the fly (yet)

Three sets of dorsal fins head up the beach of Mary’s Bay, Little Cayman Island. You’ve blown three shots this morning already and aren’t about to miss another. Standing in waist deep water sixty feet from the sand, you cast perpendicular towards shore, betting the permit will cross your fly’s path. You’ll give that Merkin a twitch, and then wham!

When the group are no more than ten feet from your line they stop dead, take a 90 degree turn right, following your line’s path towards you. You are a statue. They swim around you, not ten feet away, and you can see each is pushing the 20 el bee mark. They then follow your line’s path back towards the beach, and when they reach the point where they initially changed direction, they make another sharp right hand turn and continue their prowling up the shoreline. You are at once bewildered and downtrodden. And amazed at what you’ve just seen take place.

What do the following songs have to do with that [true] story? Absolutely nothing before I compiled the list, and it’ll only make sense to you after you’ve hit yourself in the back of the head with a crab pattern just when what you really needed was one perfect cast.

Methodically mixed…

1 ) And It Stoned Me – Van Morrison
2 ) Dirty Laundry – Don Henley
3 ) Exodus – Bob Marley
4 ) Going Back to Cali – LL Cool J
5 ) Landfall – Jimmy Buffett
6 ) Long Training Runnin’ – The Doobie Brothers
7 ) Rat in Mi Kitchen – UB40
8 ) Rock the Casbah – The Clash
9 ) Runnin’ Down a Dream – Tom Petty
10 ) She Talks To Angels – The Black Crowes
11 ) Shelter – The Brand New Heavies
12 ) Steppin’ Out – Steel Pulse
13 ) Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
14 ) The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band
15 ) The Fly – U2
16 ) Rat Race – Jeremy Cameron
17 ) Tribute – Tenacious D
18 ) Trouble In My Brain – Sunnyboys
19 ) What Difference Does It Make – The Smiths

MG signing off (to show reverence to permit – they be my nemesis)


robert morselli says:

nice post, michael.

tom says:

I miss you already sweetheart!!!!! Kisses from CO!

I hope no marbles fell out from the crab pattern wound, I know you only have a few left.

@RM – Thank you Mr. Morselli.

@Teas – What, no hugs?

@FGA – Last time I checked the count was zippo.

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