This blog has been banned (and tears of joy well up in my eyes)!

I kicked and screamed, but the Fly Fisher Girls would not give this blog their Fly Fisher Boy Blogs “over 18” designation. Nope…only those Fat Guys and Roughdude were honored with that.

I wept.

But even in a world of such gross injustice every dog has their day. Today the Kid Rock of the North, MaineFlyBoi, informed the world that this blog has been banned by the Brewer (Maine) School Department. And ol’ Ben was kind enough to provide the pudding…

Charged for cavorting with Swedish bikini models, or something like that. The pinups Moldy Chum and Trout Underground post can’t touch this.

I don’t know whether to cry again, or just howl.

MG signing off (to book my next trip to Stockholm)



I’ll let you know when my school district bans you. Being ultra-conservative Utah, I’m surprised we didn’t beat Maine to the punch – dang!

The Professor says:

Why does this not surprise me. Hope your life is more wholesome in Florida 😉

Pornography (German)… you hiding some poo porn around here somewhere?

Rob says:

Sooo….I Vill now tell you somezing Michael Graaaaaacie….You vill hear me now und beleive me later no? Dis German porn that you have on your is soooo great Ja? Vee are still looking for this…no?

That is a hilarious post! Just start swearing more, and then consider yourself in the ‘club’.

It’s the Norwegian porn I’m worried about….

@Scott – Now if we can get me banned from the whole state of Utah, that would be cool!

@CB – It’s only getting worse my friend.

@Alex – Yep…hiding it behind the paywall. Where do you think the New York Times got the idea?

@Rob – Is the water warm…yet?!

@FFG – I’ll consider it “honorary” until my language goes south.

@Roughy – A man need not worry about that.

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