A moment of silence for redfish (UPDATED)

We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to send our thoughts (to the guides) and prayers (for the redfish). And both, to every other creature living on the Gulf Coast, presently in the path of a very nasty oil slick.

The movie Rise, the second production from Confluence Films, highlighted the outstanding fishery that is Louisiana. A band of good folk were portrayed, happy that Hurricane Katrina had actually improved the fishery instead of destroying it.

I’ll remain optimistic about the most recent threat, based on comments from that film about the resiliency of the area. But it is difficult. Reason? We’re now being reminded of the Valdez spill, which happened in Alaska back in 1989. And it just so happens I know that spill quite well, having worked on a damage claim project related to it early in my career. There I crunched numbers provided by Alaska’s Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission – fish tickets, net statistics, boat sizes…you name it. Add pictures, and it gave me an intimate, if morbid, view to what went on.

A moment of silence is in order.

UPDATE: Here is NOAA’s forecast of oil slick movement (pdf) as of 4/28. And for those who aren’t familiar with the loop current mentioned in the comments, here’s an explanation from the University of Miami’s RSMAS.


Rob says:

It IS really sad for that fishery….and if it gets in the Loop Current, the Keys could get it too.

Yea, no kidding Rob. And now that I see the map (links in the update), maybe even more as much of a risk than as the LA “red coast”.

Rob says:

It’s a sad disaster to be sure….but it’s a wet dream come true for the enviroids. Sen. Bill Nelson was jumping up and down saying “see…see…we told you this would happen”.

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