Bye bye Utah. You will be missed.

Last night I had a few drinks with a friend in from Utah. He told me of plans to come back at the end of April with some business colleagues to fish – I’m to be their guide. Then he noted I have to get out his way thereafter, at which time we’ll hit his home waters. Bad news, bubba!

BG tells the story:

Yesterday, we learned of the Gov’s decision to sign HB141 today. Recognizing it’s flaws he will ask the AG to not interfere with any injunctions. Outside of the issue, which has personal ramifications, the Governor support for a flawed process, closed door politics and for a bill that will eventually cost tax payers time and money, shows a glaring lack of leadership at a time when we can ill afford such.

Its a shady blow I think most of us saw coming… it just sucks to know your going to get punched in the face, and you got to just “take it” like a fisherman. Small defeat, but the long term will be an overall victory.

FISHERMEN AND FISHERWOMEN —>THANK YOU ALL!! Locals and non-residents alike!! In the end, we are all fishers, thanks for banding together and fighting along side us.


PS…Anyone hiring in Montana or Idaho please contact me

Mr. Gregson’s blog begs the question: Where To Now? Fitting I say.

The good fight was fought. But things are not often fair when it comes to love, or river access. See you on the Lower Snake BG.

MG signing off (sad, but thankful he didn’t buy a Utah fishing license early)


That one pissed me off – and hate to see it happen. Mainly because that’s home…but also, because it sets a precedent that we should all be wary of.

The genie is out of the bottle.

Yea…it is pretty much the suck.

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