Enticing kids to ever greater feats of daring

Break your arm in horseplay and get gifts from Uncle Michael

As it happens the young son of some very close friends of mine broke his arm. He and the elder boy were playing a game – see what distance one can attain by running across the basement floor, hurling themselves over the back of the sofa, and landing in a pile of bean bags (that’s the general description, but don’t quote me on the details). The big kid – a bonafide daredevil who was skiing GS and jumping his BMX bike on a home built ramp at the age of 4 – makes his leap. Unfortunately, the younger brother hadn’t gotten out of the way after his attempt – the older lands on the younger and SNAP!

So what does a friend send the kids to encourage more responsible playtime activities?

Monster trucks and supercross bikes! Duh.

Even the one-year old daughter got a Suzuki RM 125 (albeit a vintage two-stroke model). Rumor has it these fine young ones are already debating which vehicle can jump the farthest.

Sometimes I love my work.

MG signing off (to continue being a role model for children everywhere)


That’s awesome! Nothing wrong with a 2-stroke, either….when he’s 4 he can move up to a 4.

Broken bones, cuts, scrapes, rattled brains….it all comes with the territory.

And by the way…I’ve played the jumping game – it rocks!

I’ll have to introduce you someday, RK. This bunch is in Utah, and they will certainly wind up on real bikes before long.

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