Following the run, no matter how far it takes you

Tosh Brown of Departure Publishing, via Angling Trade:

Back in October, Pete McDonald and I embarked on our first round of content gathering for our upcoming collaboration.

We saw the wind (and rain) blow from every point on the compass and by the end of the week I was really thankful for my last-minute decision to pack the underwater camera. From the Connecticut River, to Breezy Point, to Montauk: we caught fish, we interviewed guides, we visited greasy spoon cafes and fly shops, and we got off to a great start on a book that we’re getting seriously pumped about. Click here to see what we’ve cataloged, so far…

Tosh is referring to some oh so sweet pics off of Connecticut, New York, and other coastal environs. And he and Pete are not even halfway done.

If you see either of these fellows anytime between now and November, get them drunk and steal their travel schedule.

‘Cause crashing that party would be a hoot.

MG signing off (to find a bottle of tequila…for…uh…personal consumption)


I’m enthused that there will also be a pit stop on some island flats with certain fly fishing tech finance gurus.

Sounds cool! I need some guru type to help me with website style sheets, 2009 tax returns, and a tailing loop. Email me if you have a name and number.

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