Have you seen my bonefish fly?

There’s something about Mary, and there’s something about this fly too.

A few particulars make it ever so bonefish sexy, but it’s by no means an MG original. In fact I stole the idea right off the interwebs. A bit of floss was added to the tan fur (’cause it so shiny), and I tied it a little thinner and longer instead of using a larger hook. But otherwise not much is different. Who’d want to change Mary anyway?

Now, where did I get the inspiration for this sweetheart? Be the first one to tell me precisely (including a link) in the comments, and I’ll send you a few of my version, tied in size 2.

MG signing off (to find my baseball)


Rob says:

Nice fly – looks like it may have started as a salmon fly, but I have no idea about the names of them.

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