Reclaiming the home waters

Everyone has a go-to spot – a place they call their home waters.

For Tom Chandler it’s the Upper Sacramento. For Rob Dee the place is Tampa Bay. Jason Puris…Montauk.

There are a lot of fine fisheries in Colorado – it’s a good part of the reason I live here. Yet I too have home waters, at least as far as springtime goes.

I’d been away for a while. Oddly, in a place I used to call home.

It feels good to be back.

MG signing off (to stretch thy legs, and pack for the next jaunt)


Sweet! Welcome home, MG! Nice score!

It’s good to hear from you again. Seems like the Twitter bug stole your soul for a bit. Nice chunky (the fish, not the hand).

I thought I smelled something….

@RK – We getting out sometime soon?

@SC – Been writing way too much alternative (meaning the wrong) subject matter.

@FGA – Prevailing winds will do that to you. Have fun down south!

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