Anticipating arrival

Onboard an aeroplane at 12:30am. Landed in Congo Town at 5:25.

Show to my quarters. Now I really need the bar.

A short walk from point A to point B. Sand drifts effortlessly between foot and sandal.

It is a familiar feeling.

A few beers later I am bouncing off the walls. Even though there aren’t any in this tiki hut.

Anticipating the flats.

It feels like I haven’t caught a bonefish since I started losing my hair shaving my head.

I didn’t pack near enough razors. And with good reason.

MG signing off (although sleeping WILL be an issue)


Nate says:

I think I see you on google earth…

Forget the razor…you’re going FISHING

Enjoy, MG!

Bjorn says:

Whoa… Johnny Spillane? You are going to have a very good week.

@NT – Waving from the south end…now!

@RK – Great first day – may never shave again!

@Bjornorama – Yep. He and his bro are too cool for words.

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