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With Louis “Quality plus Quantity” Cahill, you get exactly what you’re looking for…

And then there’s a few pics from the cross-eyed dude with the Gotcha embedded in his left shoulder (yes, Smithhammer hit me!)…

These sets will get updated each evening, so come back around anytime.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s fishing report is officially canceled as we had a Keith Richard’s sighting last night at the tiki bar (a.k.a. Slack Tide). Dealing with the paparazzi was a bitch.

Good for you, however, because the first person to guess who our Rolling Stone impersonator is wins a free Andros South cap!

MG signing off (to find some Tylenol for my aching head sore casting arm)


The Professor says:

I’m thinking the dude with the blue polo … no names here … I have no clues other than I know it’s not you Gracie … you dance more like Peter Garret from Mdnight Oil. Especially after a few drinks

Can’t get there soon enough. Chillin’ at the western air gate…

rachhillis says:

I’m going with one of the Spillane brothers….Johnny

We still do not have a hat winner. 🙁

Bjorn says:

I’ll take the hat, ya know… if no one rises to the occasion.

The Professor says:

Ok I’m going with Uncle Boy the collie

Bjorn says:

OK, I’ll guess Johnnie Spillane

Spillane’s a rockstar, but we’re looking for a wanna-be rockstar!

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Keith paid us another visit last night. My laughing muscles are sore.

I need to get me some of those laughing muscles!

BTW: the hat is gone, via email submission. We suspect a leak, and management has initiated what we hope will be a thorough investigation. Unfortunately, the rest of the world will have to wait for the real Rolling Stones, as our impersonator has threatened libel action if I disclose his identity openly. The guy is just no fun. 😉

rachhillis says:

I would like to file a formal protest! EMAIL SUBMISSION?? I demand a recount. I am turning you over to the….hmm…some muckity muck commission to investigate this! I’m thinking the impersonator is a fan of the Big Blue.

Rachel gets a consolation prize, just for the intimidation factor (and getting dang close on the guess, albeit after the fact). Email your mailing address!

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