Listening on the Reunion Tour

Kirk Deeter and I were paired up again today. The Rolling Stone is a colossally fine angler, and I’m just a fair listener. In other words, we had a hell of a time. I know, I just lost you.

Our guide Josie Sands noted early on that the conditions were the most difficult a bonefish-chasing fly angler might ever face in his or her life. The water was so skinny that Vanity Fair wouldn’t bother photoshopping it; the light so flat that Hugh Hefner would have taken a pass too. All you get are tails, and they often disappear in the blink of an eye.

So listen to your mentor-for-a-day, and listen well. If he says start false casting and don’t drop the fly until he gives the ok, don’t ask any questions. The guides at Andros South know precisely what they are doing, so you do as you are told. And for goodness sakes, don’t blink!

You might get fair to midland results from this advice…

MG signing off (to listen to another, as the stakes just went up)


timglomb says:

Hitting Honolulu June 4-10th. Would love to chase those tails down there. What’s the chance you know a good guide? How about a charter as well? Thx.

Nate says:

How long are you staying down there?

Hans says:

Normally, I’d tell you: “That fish is fake…or isn’t that the same stuffed bonefish you have hanging on your wall that you inherited from your great grandfather…”

But since you taught me how to cast my first fly about 12 years ago and took me out fishing for my birthday a few weeks ago (landing rainbow pigs in a blizzard)… I’ll just say “wow, nice fish, I’m jealous, and lets plan a follow up trip down there.”

Is it just me, or are you having way too much fun down there?

Nice fish, MG!

The Professor says:

Yes nice fish and way too much fun … obviously not catholic … you are not suffering enough šŸ˜‰

@Tim – I don’t know anyone myself, but I’ll find out for you. Email me so I have a return address.

@Nate – back late Sat.

@HJD – we can definitely arrange that.

@RK – It’s just you. šŸ˜‰

@Prof – It pains me to be here.

Greg says:

Looking at these photos is so much more fun than reading about public key infrastructure!

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