Ssshhh…don’t tell Bob

Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp is a favorite at Andros South, and since I’ll be headed there for FIBFest in less than 24 hours I thought it wise to screw up a few more flies prior to departure.

I’ve already tied a handful of Bob Veverka’s brilliant creation, but after staring at them a bit I thought they were missing something (besides, of course, the application of actual fly tying skills).

This go-round I went for short shank #1 hooks (Gamy SC15s), and added flash antennae. For the body I used UV tan dubbing instead of plain ol’ light tan, and packed the tail end (or front end, depending on whether you are a fly fisher or a hungry bonefish) a wee bit fuller.

Our FIBFest host says that South Andros Island bonefish will eat just about anything. If those torpedoes of the flats take this critter down, I’ll be eating nothing but words.

MG signing off (to check my list twice)


Bob says:

Great looking fly,
I’m sure at least one Bonefish will grab it.
Have a great trip.
Bob Veverka


I used that pattern this past May at Andros South, in two color schemes. The bones gobbled them up with such fervor that by the end of the week I simply ran out.

Will definitely tie more for the next go-round.

Thanks very much for stopping by!



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