I’m betting largemouth bass will eat just about anything

Fly Master David “Butters” Luna took one look at it and said…

Damn that’s good. You are years ahead of [NAME REDACTED] when it comes to spinning deer hair Gracie!

Still, I thought it pretty ugly, and on closer inspection (via photo and flash) I noticed the body is not packed nearly as tight as some of the professional jobs. I could use some trimming practice too, although I doubt the bass really care.

Yesterday evening it was tested, and it didn’t sink. Nothing ate it, but the piggy bass I know are in there didn’t eat much else either. Any tips or tricks to get that hair packed tighter, and shaped nicer, is welcome and appreciated.

MG signing off (to spin some more)


“Any tips or tricks to get that hair packed tighter, and shaped nicer, is welcome and appreciated”

Better deer hair, and practice will help you pack it tighter, smashing the spin hair back on the shank and getting the next spin closer to the last… but real good quality hair is very important to stacking and spinning. Like Leed says…”the crinkles”

Using double sided razor blades (broken in half) is a good way to trim a head as they can be curved between your fingers to make a perfect shape when pushed back through the hair. Also, steaming the hair prior to trimming works great. Just hold the fly over some boiling water and the steam will ‘swell’ the hairs, making them stand out straighter and making it easier to push the razor through.

But no, I don’t think bass really care, but a tighter packed fly will last and float longer.

PS- call me about the super-ultra secret project thing….

Thanks for the tips! And you’ll hear from me on Monday.

I will be out of cell range bass fishing during most of the daytime. Give me a yell after 8.

Tosh says:

“I’m betting largemouth bass will eat just about anything”

Was watching a momma wood duck years ago with a brood of days-old ducklings. When one of them disappeared in a big boil, I assumed it was a snapping turtle. Then the bass broke the surface and did a jaws-like head shake with little ducky feet sticking out of his lips.

It was frightening.

That’s what I’m missing…baby duck imitations! Suspect baby geese might work too.

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