My training regimen for the Teva Mountain Games Costa 2 Fly Extreme

I’ve been practicing so much for the Teva Mountain Games Costa 2 Fly Extreme fly fishing competition coming up in Vail this weekend that I literally exemplify the extreme in the name. It’s been tough, really tough – so arduous that I’ve been skipping sleep and have forgotten how many practice sessions I’ve actually undertaken.

It could just be that I’m old, and experiencing intermediate-term memory loss.

Or it could be that my refrigerator is improperly stocked with the nutrients vital to a strong performance…

Ok…I’m running out of excuses.

The fact is I haven’t practiced a lick, and don’t plan on it either. Which means you shouldn’t have any excuses not to make a pledge to Casting for Recovery. Remember, my score determines whether you laugh or cry.

Just hope you get the humor.

MG signing off (to crack open another case of “energy drink”)


While you can’t go too wrong with a correctly poured Guinness…you’re always batting 100 with a Murphy’s (regardless of how it’s poured).

I actually learned that from a true Irishman from Clare – and I’ll be darned if he wasn’t right. Never second-guess an Irishman when it comes
to the drink.

Regardless of what’s in your pint – CHEERS, LAD!

BTW…ever try the Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout? Legit.

Matt Dunn says:

That’s about what I figured your refrigerator looked like.

@RK – I’ll hit the Murphy’s after the event, but I’m actually practicing pouring the stout correctly in hopes that repetition improves my casting accuracy.

@Matt – I almost forgot how to open said fridge too. 😉

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