Special thanks to The Waterworks-Lamson

I’ve been fishing with Lamson reels since long before it became Waterworks. Before Sage was in the picture even. I caught my first trout with a Lamson reel, and my first dozen spanish mackerel (but that’s a story for another time). They build great gear, and then back it up with the kind of jump-through-hoops service that makes one reminisce about the good ole days of mom and pop shops with their names on signs over the front door.

All of my fresh water gear is cranking Lamson, and much of my salty stuff is too (including the oh so fine Scott S4Ss I picked up this last winter – the 908/4 was taken to task at Deneki’s FIBFest, and a review is forthcoming). The bottom line is…I adore the stuff out of Idaho (and I don’t mean potatoes). Now the love is even more so.

A local Project Healing Waters chapter recently received a contribution of rods and lines, and was obviously looking for some reels. The request went out to Lamson, and there was barely a chance to blink before this hit the inbox…

The reels are being assembled as I write this.

You can make the finest gear on the planet, but without compassion for people less fortunate what do you have? I say not much.

I know our friends in Ketchum have a lot more than just great reels going for them.

Thank you!

MG signing off (to say thanks, again)

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