This is a test of the WordPress 3.0 non-emergency broadcast system

WordPress 3.0 was released this morning. Didn’t hear it on some tech blog – I received this extra special personalized email direct from Matt Mullenweg…

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” available

You’ve probably already seen the notice in your dashboards, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet:

3.0 is faster, stabler, and more secure, so you can focus on what matters (your audience) and let the rest fade to the background.

Custom post types, MU merge, menu editor, Twenty Ten theme, over 1,200 bug fixes… there’s so much to enjoy in this new release, we’re really proud of it. It’s the best WordPress yet, and available for a limited time for only free ninety nine. 😉

Tell your friends, help them upgrade, write new themes that use the new features, spread the good word.

Matt Mullenweg

OK, so it’s a form notice for anyone who has ever asked a development question at

I don’t usually jump to a dot zero version of any upgrade, but I’m in a rush to get out of town. And I like living on the edge every so often, so I downloaded the latest.

Just to make things fun, I did a quick backup of everything. Then, instead of checking to see if the plugins and theme (wildly custom, as you can see from the appearance) on this site were up-to-date and/or deactivate them first, I just deleted the wp-admin and wp-includes directory, pulled my themes and plugins directories out of the way (they are under wp-content), did a straight copy/overwrite with the new code, and then moved my theme and plugins back into place.

After that, I try logging in, wait ten seconds for the database upgrade, and do a dummy check…

Mullenweg doesn’t really love me, and that’s ok. I only like WordPress, but I like it an awful lot. It’s the easiest piece of software I’ve ever had to manage, and I thank the development community behind it from the bottom of my heart.

It took me eight minutes to write this blog post, and it took roughly half that to upgrade to WordPress 3.0. Without a single hitch.

MG signing off (wishing WordPress painted its toenails pink – then I’d love it)


Let me know when you’ve got a spare 4 minutes to handle my upgrade for me.

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