Get yourself ready for Carp Slam 2010

It’s bigger! It’s better! It’s a tournament for the ages! It’s Carp Slam ’10!

Coming to you straight from the e. Coli, arsenic, selenium and ammonia laden waters of the urban South Platte River*, Carp Slam is pure adrenaline, but not without a splash of irony. You wade these “contaminated” waters, supposedly too caustic for any living creature to inhabit, chasing the wiliest game fish on the planet…the common carp?

Yes, carp might be the toughest fish to hook on a fly, but that’s actually when the fun begins. Despite the FUD, these fish thrive in the urban waters, and can grow to 40 pounds or more. They’ve adapted to low oxygen environments, regulating their own body’s systems with such astounding efficiency that you can actually leave one on the bank for ten minutes plus. When you drop it back in the river it simply swims away. They run like freight trains, and are responsible for more broken fly rods than any other fish save tarpon and marlin.

Want to prove you’re the best of the best? Chase carp during Carp Slam ’10! It’s a two day event this year, with the infamous Pro-Am occurring Saturday, August 21st, and a new open format happening the next day. With big swinging stick sponsors, prize money is now into four digits for the winners.

But the best part about Carp Slam is this: money raised from the event is being used to clean up that river, including but not limited to getting rid of the contaminants that otherwise inhibit the introduction of even more species to the waterway!

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CONTACT: Todd Fehr, Denver Trout Unlimited, 720-207-4518

The 4th Annual South Platte Pro Am Carp Slam, Sponsored by Wells Fargo, World Fishing Network and Trout’s Fly Fishing Saturday, August 21st and 22nd, 2010 at Fuel Café in Denver, Colorado

Please join Denver Trout Unlimited as they host the 4th Annual Carp Slam on the banks of the South Platte River in Downtown Denver. Professional and amateur anglers will be fishing for carp competitively on Saturday August 21 and 22, 2010. This year’s two day event will be headquartered at Fuel Café and includes an evening with live musical entertainment and dinner where the competitors will receive their awards. The carp slam will include two days of competitive fishing and benefits the restoration efforts taking place on the metro section of South Platte River.

In addition to the standard “Pro/Am” format, which will be held on Saturday, Denver Trout Unlimited is also pleased to announce the addition of a second fishing event. The new “Open” event will held on Sunday and was created in direct response to last year’s overwhelming public interest in participation. Format details, general rules, entry fees and prizes for both competitions are below.

You must register for the event ahead of time online at or Call (720)-207-4518 for tickets.

About The Carp Slam

The South Platte Carp Slam will showcase professional and amateur fly fishers competitively chasing the elusive common carp on the waters of South Platte River in and around downtown Denver. Each format will be challenging, dynamic, fun, and will also benefit restoration efforts taking place on the metro section of the South Platte River.

Day One – Pro/Am

Day one will be open to 15 amateur anglers who will be randomly paired with professional guides from shops throughout Colorado. Teams will randomly pick beats laid out on The South Platte River in Denver. Cost for participation is $350 per angler and your fee includes a day of fishing with a professional on the South Platte, lunch/after-party, Carp Slam hat, T’Shirt and gear bag valued at over $50 and the opportunity to be Denver’s Carp Slam champion. The Grand Prize for Winning the “Pro/Am” format is $1500.

Day One – Awards Party

The Awards Party is open to the public. Awards party will be a celebration of The Pro-Am. This event will feature the winners from the day of fishing, food, music, silent and live auction and special awards. There is no cost to attend.

Day Two – “Open”

Day two will be open to 30 teams of 2. The format will be an open event. Anglers will fish from 8:30 – 2:30 anywhere in the greater Denver area. Cost for the open will be $300 per team. This is your chance to become Colorado’s premier Carp Fisherman. The Grand Prize for Winning the “Open” format is $1500. Proceeds from the event will benefit the restoration efforts taking place on the South Platte River.

For more information, visit

*Editor’s note: The author, along with a number of individuals they know, having been wading the South Platte River from Chatfield Reservoir to north of Commerce City for years. He (and they) have fallen in, been splashed in the ears, nose, eyes, and mouth by flailing carp tails, and are still standing. Most of us wade the river sans Gore Le Tex, as it is usually too hot during the prime season for anything but skivvies. The author has yet to hear a complaint about getting sick. Waders are, however, recommended – it’s just that some people like pushing their luck.


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