Why “social” applications are no longer present on my phone

Yesterday morning I deleted Twitter for Blackberry from my phone. This follows elimination of the Facebook application a few weeks back. I do not have nitpicks against either software – both worked just fine for their intended purpose. I won’t denounce others’ use of this software, or any like it, either. This is a personal choice, based on trial and error, and reason.

When I’m away from my desk I’m usually doing one of the following: fly-fishing, driving, walking the dog, reading, sleeping, eating, or any number of other things that are either escapes from the daily grind or require my utmost concentration (i.e. the fishing). These activities are not particular conducive to mobile phone use in general, let alone receiving and sending updates from social networks.

Further, I originally tested these apps based on recommendation of a friend – one who uses an iPhone. This person’s original premise was it was great to have these social applications available when out. This was particularly the case if and when you were carousing about town and wanted an easy way to let your friends know where you were so they could join you. I hold this person in high regard, but they’ve since moved to a homestead in the middle of nowhere to, uh, be alone. So much for that theory.

Finally, I thank everyone who’s followed or friend-ed me on Twitter and Facebook. I appreciate the fact that you’re interested in what I’m up to, but I don’t think you want (or need) to know what I’m doing every moment of the day.

I’m much more interested in what you are doing – and what you have to say – anyway. It’s just that I can’t really listen when I’m behind the wheel.

MG signing off (to shut up and pay attention, except when casting)


Pete McD says:

I deleted the twitter app when I found myself mindlessly scrolling through it for no reason. If you’re not careful, the time suck will get you.

Pisces says:

I’m a marketing dude & have had FB & Fritter accounts to test things, but have disactivated my real account.
The ONLY legit reasons for tweeting 1. Wife, can you please bring me some T.P. in the upstairs bathroom?
or 2. I’m out in the backyard hammock and need another cold one.

@PMcD – Affirmative. With exclamation point.

@Pisces – Where do I find a gal like that (you lucky dog you)?

I’m replacing my F-book app with iCarpenter instead. I get a lot more out of the mesmerizing bubble level.

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