Denver faces imminent destruction

The Smithzilla is coming!

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


n.taylor says:

hahahaha, that is classic buddy. Can Smithzilla bring the flows down?

If the Platte is full of bourbon maybe.

Bjorn says:

Your photoshop skillz are most excellent, MG… most excellent indeed.

Gracias Señor Bonefish

Subete no kyōfu no Smithhammerjira!

Riceman says:

I have a sighting of the Smithzilla on 17th Avenue and I can confirm it consumed combustible liquids. Can this mofo catch a cyprinus in Dtown?? In the chocolate milk? Jury is out.

Johnny Spillane says:

If you get bored fishing muddy water head up to the boat! We have good flows and tricos!

I always had a feeling his mild manner was a ruse.

Your weapons are powerless against me.

Riceman says:

Word on the street is that Smithzilla hooked a cyprinus5280 this morning but couldn’t deliver the goods. Skillz to pay the billz? Not so far…

Gonna miss the fight.

Sheeeit. Did Little Miss Rice Cakes mention that my fish amounted to roughly 169% more action than he saw today?

But we did manage a tandem South Platte bukkake. A veritable right of passage, it is.

When we dropped Rice Cakes off, he smelled precisely like the DSP, leading this commenter to believe the amount of action he received Friday evening was probably about the same.

Today, I shall chase the wily capr with everything I have, on placid suburban ponds and stanky urban waterways. Señor Boca de Cheerio will come to know the inimitable sting of my flats worm, and before the word has a chance to spread via the telepathic capr netwerk, I’ll be gone.

And if the day must also include heavy drinking and being chauffeured around in a pink school bus with an illustrious crew of derelict brownliners, well, bring it. Idaho will be represented with honor in the First Annual Will Rice South Platte Invitational.

Riceman says:

Smithzilla… produced…. he wears the escalade cap of fame. Believe it.

“That just happened. Does it blow your mind?”

Landeen says there wasn’t enough competition:

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