Got Clams?™

In the never ending quest to get a leg up on my fellow fly-fishers, not to mention those sewer trout whose IQ’s easily exceed that of the anglers chasing them, I’ve delved into a microcosm of prospective inanity. While others logically debate dubbing color, rubber leg count, and the positive and negative aspects of the use of flash, I’ve stuck my bare hands into the murky bottom of the urban South Platte River and come up with this…

I took cues from clam-master Jean-Paul Lipton, and then added two dashes of ugly and extracted any and all fly tying skills I might have accumulated in a past life. The result is indubitably clam-tastic.

MG signing off (to develop proprietary fly-fishing methodologies to go along with my clams)

Editor’s note: Got Clams? “That there is trademarked, not to be used without written permission of Ricky Bobby, Inc.”


I loves me those bearded clams

Just wait till you get’em wet roughie!

I opted out of the beard – too much trouble. But these things are tough…really tough.

(sink-tested too!)

Fly swap? I am still searching for an effective Columbia river clam pattern. I dig those.

@MG: you like it Brazilian style, eh?

@John – Sure! I had to borrow markers from some friends of mine’s kids, so I need to get those back. I’ll do a few early next week – email me your mailing address.

@Roughandtumble – My last name does suit, doncha think?

MG – those rock the house! Interesting to see how they perform…now ya’ll need to get ’em out there and pull ’em through the murk and hook some slabs!

You truly are an inspirationally dirty bastidge. And yes, we wants some.

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Well I’ll be damned!

Send me a pic if you have one – I got skunked yesterday regardless of what I threw.

I only fished it on a few fish. Great looking pattern but for some reason we had zero wind and the fish were ultra spooky so we had to fish flies with little to know splash factor. The clam makes a pretty good plop. Had a few minutes of ripple on the water that coincided with a nice common tailing though. Sank the clam on him and he moseyed over and ate it calm as can be. Didn’t get a picture, but I will definitely get more fish on them. It will fish great in a little wind to shield the plop. Sweet pattern!

Paul Gaeke says:

OK I talked to Emery – how do I get a few CLAM FLIES BEFORE SAT am?

Paul — [#REDACTED]

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