How bad does it really smell?


What you are smelling is the scent of failure. It is an unmistakable zero as far as you are concerned.

Your endeavor started off with a bang – you were overtly enthusiastic about its potential. All signs pointed to a grand ole time. Then the conditions took a turn for the worse, and you wound up empty handed.

Or did you?

Was there anything to learn from the experience? Did you gather information? Slice it, dice it, and recognize any pattern? Share the results of that examination with others less biased in, or more capable of, judging the situation for what it was? And is?

Failure, like success, is what you make of it.

And whining is the only sure sign of skunk.


n.taylor says:

Whenever I think I have it dialed in and plan what I’m going to use, how the first cast is going to play out etc. my entire plan goes downhill. It never works out like I imagine it. I just quit thinking about it so I can sleep, otherwise I lay awake the night before thinking about how awesome of a day I’m going to have and I end up disappointed and tired.

Drinking before fishing helps me not over-think it.

And that way, even if I get skunked, I still win.

tom says:

I guess I prefer drinking after fishing, it helps wash away the ungodly stench of utter failure, and sooths my clear and present angling inadequacies. PBR also, if used not as directed, can be quite good at washing fiddler crab guts from in between your toes. Glad I could inspire. I’m headed off to hold a fly in my hand all day.

@Nate – No wonder you always seem drowsy.

@Zilla – No wonder you always win.

@Tom – No wonder you always get the ladies.

Greg says:

It’s the fishing vs. catching debate. If you enjoy the process without regard to the result, you get a good result.

How’s the elbow?

Greg says:

BTW, LOVE the Google-generated ads that must have clued in on “stink”. RIP, Kurt Cobain.

Yep, and it can be applied to more than just fishing too. Elbow? Well when I ace the anti-inflammatories, and it just gets worse. Hence, so much for staying pill free. And unfortunately, I check my own site with AdBlock running – keeps me from getting depressed. 😉

A zero is still a zero no matter how much smarter you think you are.

DBT says:

You may not catch fish, or you may catch little fish of the wrong species; but its still better than sitting around the house holding your dick.

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