Rain, rain, go away. Come back when the season’s over.

The Environmentally Conscious [in 39 words]

The western US is a desert. Precipitation is the lifeblood that keeps the majority of its inhabitants alive. We should be prudent with our use of water, and be thankful for any rain or snow that comes our way.

The Self-Centered Fly-Fishing Prick [in 85 words]

The western US is a desert. So what! Precipitation is the lifeblood that keeps the majority of the lawns in the suburban sprawl green, but I don’t use my yard so I say xeroscape it all. Meanwhile, all this recent rain is cramping my style! The entire South Platte river system is blown out. I thought about crossing the divide but that shit is headed up too. A man cannot live on meat and potatoes alone. Nor can he via clandestine bass fishery jaunts either.

MG signing off (after proving that fly-fishers have 118% more to say than environmentalists)


Saw 3 rafts floating the Eagle River on Monday. Usually don’t see rafters on the Eagle past Mid July. Water clarity was good between Vail and Wolcott, but off colored west of Wolcott.

Tailwater. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

…and the season is never over, MG. Ever.

@Scott – Thanks for the tip!

@RK – Uh…Cheesman is 535.

Whats 50 cfs give or take…add some splitshot and throw that line!

I’ll be checking it out shortly…500 or 600 cfs…I’m fishing the darn thing.

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