Talismans are for superstitious weirdos (like my friends and I)

Good Luck CharmsI know this person who has a necklace of tiny shells hanging from their rear-view mirror. Every once in a while they reach up and fiddle with it. The guise is releasing nervous anxiety, but it’s easy to see through that excuse. They are, of course, a die-hard fly fisher.

The condition runs wide

Michael White, fly-fishing manufacturers’ representative extraordinaire (a.k.a. Whitey), is well-known for sticking toads, and (surprise, surprise) he carries a good luck charm around as well. It’s a hyena, one that looks like it has fashion sense to boot. Editor’s note: this amulet was not present when Mr. White failed to call someone’s all-in during a certain round of hold ’em that was probably the turning point in said match. Ode to the skills that pay bar bills. Thank goodness.

BuddhaI’m guilty too

Affixed in the northwest corner of the northeast-most room in my abode, facing southeast, is a three-inch tall red Buddha. I originally thought it a gag, but the collie dog quickly took to greeting me each morning from within close proximity to the thing, and then staring intently at it as though engaged in some telepathic exchange. The pup has always been good luck, so I’ve rolled with it, and would be hard pressed to deny the positive effects.

My spiritual advisor recently suggested I dust the little guy off, maybe rub his belly a bit before I hit the sack. I would have scoffed, but she gave me the Buddha to begin with. The fact she has a tiny black dragon hanging inconspicuously in the corner of her foyer, staring directly at the front door, has nothing to do with my heeding the advice.

Now I suspect he who foists a golden object – that look strangely like a full-brim fishing hat – may be doing some traveling in the very near future.

MG signing off (to dig up a protective satchel for my little friend)


You know, that Buddha would make an excellent hood ornament…

I think fisherpeople in general are a superstitious folk. It just gives us one more thing to blame. 🙂

Nate says:

Ok ok, I get the buddha thing but the shell necklace sounds a little weird to me. I’m just glad for their sake you don’t name names…(damn it)

@FGA – Well we certainly don’t need trinkets, or lack thereof, to point blame…we’ve got you!

@Nate – That shell necklace dude really freaks me out too.

I am the reason your tippet broke, your dry fly sank, you forgot your waders. I am the reason that an ant bit you on the ballsack.

It was I who gave you food poisoning and made your butt weep on the day of your thousand-dollar guided trip to that awesome place you went.

It is my fault you couldn’t match the hatch, make the cast or set the hook.

I am the guy.

So pay heed these words, folks. And poor one for your homies, but two for me because apparently I am the bastard.

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