Time to learn how to cast left-handed

Shortly before I headed off to Deneki Outdoors’s FIBFest, I tweaked some pieces/parts of my right elbow. I don’t think it was the casting practice I undertook immediately before the trip, because I couldn’t cast before it and I certainly can’t now. The no pain, no gain mantra works in reverse, right?

Nevertheless, it’s been several months, and I can’t shake the irritation. Sure, I haven’t taken much of a break, but who wants to sit on the sidelines while others lie about all the fish they are catching? Definitely not I.

Kirk “Never Underestimate Him During Airband Competition” Deeter described the same problem to me on one of our Andros South runs, but on a recent outing he told me his elbow has returned to fully operational status. Then again, the guy catches carp out of swamp water, with Skagit lines.

On the bright side, Location Z, the bass pond I was romping earlier in the season, isn’t fishing nearly as well now – in fact, the action has become non-existent. I heard blame placed on something the proprietors put in the water to kill the weeds, moving the bass into deeper confines. I wanted to point the finger at my perpetually sore elbow, propping myself up on the idea that if nobody else was hooking toads either they were just piss-poor anglers. This affliction also gives me a reason to cast smaller flies with lighter lines (one of which I’m in review mode on right now too).

The [distorted] reality is, however, that I’m growing oldout of shapejust a pansy been fielding a lot of calls from fellow fly fishers for a handicap against my other-worldly skill set.

And it’s now time to learn how to cast left-handed.

MG signing off (wearing the badge of a non-contact sports injury with a smile on my face)


WindKnot says:

Learning to cast left-handed isn’t bad, or too hard either. Look at it this way, if you can’t cast with your right hand (like I can’t) it’s a whole new opportunity to do it right. You know, not repeat the same mistakes with the left hand too. In fact, even though I do habitually cast right handed, my left hand loop looks a LOT tighter and smoother. For one thing, now my (much more coordinated) right hand is in charge of the double-haul. Seriously, though, give it a go, you’ll be surprised.

Matt Dunn says:

Come on MG, that’s really just one of those things all the football players wear to make their muscles look bigger.

C’mon over to the dark side, Michael. Once you fish the river from the other side you’ll never go back.

@Wind – You’re a motivational speaker, aren’t you?

@Professor Hops N’ Barley – I’m caving there, although I haven’t played the foosball since high school. I would, however, appreciate it if you would call my bullshit via email or text message – I’ve got a reputation to uphold. 😉

@Spent – Dirty Secret Disclosure: I shoot left-handed – always have.

n.taylor says:

Time to start using the high mileage oil?

Just make sure you look over your shoulder before starting the left hand practice… you wouldn’t want anyone to think that someone throwing $1000 worth of gear is that bad at casting.

@Nate – Didn’t seem to change a thing, so I went back to straight synthetic.

@FGA – And how, pray tell, would what onlookers think be any different than what they opine now?

I used to practice left-handed fly casting by throwing left-handed to a handball wall. Also, whenever I wash dishes I always wash left-handed.

I find that when I’m fishing small streams with overhanging branching, casting left-handed helps me put the fly where I otherwise couldn’t.

When I’m double hauling I have to remember to shorten my hauls, so I can finish my upward haul even with my rod hand.


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