What happens in Steamboat stays in Steamboat

A bachelor party took place in Steamboat Springs this past weekend.

Question: Who’s the lucky guy?

Answer: Part-time fly-fishing guide and full-time cool cat Tim Marek.

Question: You guys fished then, right? I mean, you were right next door to the mighty Yampa!

Answer: Possibly.

Question: Did you catch anything? Got any pictures?

Answer: Stupid question. Cameras were not allowed at this event.

Question: Ok, so you partied your ass off?

Answer: I don’t remember.

Question: Come on! Did you pull off the usual bachelor-partyesque activities?

Answer: Sorry…I signed a confidentiality agreement.

Question: Hmm. OK…who else was there?

Answer: You don’t want to know.

Question: Man, you suck. I come looking for some juicy stories and all you can give me is the runaround?

Answer: Them’s the breaks kid.

Question: Screw you!

Answer: That’s not a question.

MG signing off (since I have nothing substantive to offer)


johnny spillane says:

You should have given us a call!! Sam told me that he loves being a DD!

I tried getting a hold of Sam beforehand, but the message kept saying “We are trying to locate the subscriber…who is probably preparing for bow season somewhere out of cell phone range”. I would have tried harder, but was running on someone else’s agenda.

I can report, however, that the tailwater IS fishing well, all the way down to Sarviss.

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