Arbitrary discoveries

When the water is low and clear, there’s no telling what you might find.

Anyone chasing trout would be quite happy to see one of these…

pale morning dun

Unfortunately, salmonids where not in the mix. Still, there were some pleasant surprises…


Who knew Tony Hawk fly-fished for carp?

MG signing off (as the voyage of discovery continues)


Smithhammer says:

Who knew Tony Hawk fly-fished for carp?

Who knew carp skateboarded?

Actually, I’m not surprised.

We’re leaving the stink this evening, and there are three trucks in addition to ours parked by the ditch. All the vehicles have skateboarding stickers on the windows, plus ThisIsFly, Scott Rods and a few others. Shit…even Ricecakes has a Sims badge on his ride, plastered right next to Drake Mag.

Bottom line – riding and carping go together. And we’re just behind the times.

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