Check out this super cool Louis Cahill trout picture from my backyard

Master photographer Louis Cahill’s work is a regular fixture over at Deneki Outdoors, and with good reason. It just plain rocks. When Deneki Top Dog Andrew Bennett dished out this reminder of Cahill skill, however, I felt the need for a little one-upmanship.

See…Louis doesn’t just take pictures…

Louis Cahill

…he poses for them too.

Catching trout is the easy part.

MG signing off (having one-upped, although who I’m not quite sure)


Yeah, Louis is one fishy MF – far from just being the dude behind the lens.

I see your Louis hero shot and raise you…

Ok Bennett, you got me. Lemme guess…Chard took that shot? Nevertheless, is there anyone who DOESN”T take better pics than me? 🙂

Chardy photo indeed…but shooting Louis’s setup gives one just a wee bit of an advantage.

louis cahill says:

I had a good guide. What can I say? Thanks for a great time Michael!

I just pretend well. The pleasure was all mine.

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