Handheld device upgrade agita

blackberry upgradeBlackberry came out with a new version of their OS for the Curve. I received notification of said fact a few days ago, and went for it.

If you use your phone, any phone, as the primary point of contact, you probably shouldn’t try upgrading over-the-air. Even if it doesn’t fail, you bound to feel some heartburn. In this case, the upgrade was done via the Blackberry Desktop Manager, and on the first run the process failed to get everything backed up. I gulped, thinking I was going to have to fiddle with all manner of settings after the fact, but the upgrade stopped on its own.

Back up everything beforehand, the manual way, then start the upgrade process. And pour a cocktail – you’re going to need it because the restarts can take a while. Over here there were two stiff drinks, as the boot seemed to stall at the halfway mark.

What’s new? Not a heck of a lot. The texting interface now looks and acts like Blackberry Messenger. There are also a bunch of application icons scattered around for social network applications and such that actually prompt for download – highly unnecessary, and I’m not sure how to get rid of them. Oh, and the alarm setting has been updated.

MG signing off (to find some Tums, despite still being hungry)

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