The Notspotter

The call comes in…

“Hey, I’m heading up [REDACTED], staying the weekend. And jonesing for some trout.”

“Aren’t we all.”

“Well…this is kind of lame, but I was wondering if you’d direct me to that spot near [REDACTED] you told me about. I’d like to get an hour or two in before nightfall.”

“You staying the weekend?”

“Yea. I’ve got a big project to finish, and I need some quiet time. It’s like a full day’s work, which is why I want to get the line wet now.”

“I can appreciate that.”

“So that spot…how far from [REDACTED] is it?”

“Not far up [REDACTED] at all.”

“What does that mean? A half mile? A mile? Ten miles?”

“No more than [REDACTED].”

“Is it past [REDACTED]?”

“Yep. When you get to [REDACTED], go [REDACTED] on [REDACTED], past the [REDACTED]. When you see the [REDACTED], pull off the road. If you pass the [REDACTED], you’ve gone too far.”

“So the spot is right there?”

“Not really. Walk [REDACTED] until you reach the [REDACTED], then follow the [REDACTED] around until you see this [REDACTED]. Go through the [REDACTED], and about a [REDACTED] [REDACTED] down you’ll run right into a [REDACTED].

“Let me run that back by you. Turn off at the [REDACTED], walk down the [REDACTED] to the [REDACTED], follow the [REDACTED] beyond that, and keep to the [REDACTED] the whole way.”

“No. The water is [REDACTED] from where you’ve parked. So you’re moving [REDACTED] while on foot. When you get to the [REDACTED], it’ll look like [REDACTED]. You can’t miss it from there.”

“Got it. Now…what do you think I should fish?”

“I’d go with a [REDACTED] first. Those fish will feed up and down the water column, so if you get too many blatant refusals put on a [REDACTED]. Still nothing? Rig up a [REDACTED], with a [REDACTED] behind that.”

“You should be a [REDACTED].”

“Whatever. Call me when you’re leaving and tell me how it was.”

“Will do.”


“Nice place. Really appreciate those directions – they were dead on. I got a couple of [REDACTED] on a [REDACTED], and one nice [REDACTED] on a [REDACTED].”

“No problem. Glad I could be of some [REDACTED].”

MG signing off (to enrage the fly-fishing public with more blatant hotspotting)


David says:

I really think that the [REDACTED] [REDACTED] is such a secret spot anymore, I’ve seen way too many pictures of that place in the “interwebs”, maybe you should just make it public.

“…she grabbed his [REDACTED] with anticipation. The warm water splashed around her [REDACTED] [REDACTED] as he lightly stroked her [REDACTED] with his [REDACTED]. Her [REDACTED] bounced playfully in the warm sunlight and she screamed with delight as he [REDACTED] [REDACTED].”


@Butters – It’s a backup only for me now. But…toss ’em hoppers and stimis…it’s a hoot.

@FGA – What was her name?

David says:

I hear you on that one Gracie, that place is a hoot for sure, just have to keep the hominoids out of there!

It’s easy to tell you’ve been hanging with Nate.

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