They don’t call it “the Aquarium” for nothing

There’s no such thing as hotspotting on the urban South Platte River.

Depending on the time of year, the air temperature, the moon’s position along its ecliptic, how many Twitter tweets Britney Spears has done herself, and how many MGDs are back at the truck, the trophies could be miles north or south of downtown.

Or right in front of your ever livin’ ugly mug…


MG signing off (to gloat about the spectacular fishery just ten minutes from my front door)


yeah, but did you land any of them… Much like some High Gravity, talk is cheap.

A wise man once said…

“To land the fish, one must first hook the fish.”

Savlen says:

Great shot, looks like an awesome place to spend an afternoon at least trying

I love all carp…but sometimes I wonder about the sunning carp. They can be bastards.

timglomb says:

Here’s a link with some of those sunning pods cruising towards the end of the clip. Been slaying them upstream of invesco all week until the frozen snot yesterday.

Nice shoot, TG! Ironically, I just traded emails with the star, and he forwarded the same link. Small world.

You in for Carp Slam 2011?

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