(Re)Imagining software bloat

During the process of setting up a few test bed environments, I was reminded of why I moved off MS Windows going on five years ago. Some standard installations of select operating systems were being done within VMWare Fusion, and of course I noticed hard drive space getting sucked away. With all virtual machine configurations set precisely the same I became curious as to who the culprit was, and then checked the file sizes…

  • Fedora 14 64-bit – 3.68 GB
  • Ubuntu 10 – 3.81 GB
  • Windows XP Professional – 6.71 GB
  • Each OS was installed direct to the virtual drive, and then all of the necessary updates were added. In the case of each Linux version update time was approximately ten minutes, while Windows took more than two hours. Each OS also had VMWare Tools installed, and Fedora was the biggest pain there – I had to go back and install perl and gcc before completion. Why those weren’t there I do not know.

    To its credit XP is old by comparison, but I have to wonder whether Windows 7, with an expected supply of new bells and whistles, would be any less of a whopper. If anyone has experience in that regard, I’d love to hear about it.

    MG signing off (to remove the bloat, as in onto an external drive)


    I have no idea what this is about. But I still enjoyed reading it.

    That’s part of the schtick around here – be as confusing as possible.

    Comprehension is for the common man.

    I want that on a t-shirt.

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