“There’s a higher percentage of experts in fly-fishing than any other sport.”

Marshall Cutchin of MidCurrent speaks, on the Fish Schtick podcast.

Topics include:

1) Whether fly-fishing culture has been hijacked by beer-swilling adrenaline junkies;

2) The prevalence of Orvis catalog models in Rocky Mountain National Park;

3) How it feels to have [real] bullets whizzing by while casting to permit; and

4) Why everyone needs to buy more fly rods (because new gear is just plain cool).

Listen to the whole thing. ‘Cause there’s a bonus poetry reading near the end!

MG signing off (to find one of those experts)


I tried. Really. And I’m sure that once they got around to the interview is was worthwhile. But after first having to listen to 12 minutes of product plugs/ads and pointless banter it lost me.

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