Apple’s services security goof

Apple‘s OS X operating system is, in this user’s opinion, a bastion of security. It all boils down to its UNIX roots, and it’s that fact, not the famed usability, that won me over. Considering that, you’d think Apple could apply some similar know-how to the fortitude of their services, but alas my iTunes account has been disabled. The situation could have been easily avoided too.

I’ve been receiving these notices intermittently for some time…

Apple security

I was especially intrigued by the part about how this very well could be a mistake, and not to worry. By the third time it happened I logged in and changed my password, just in case.

Then last night I decided to rent a movie via iTunes, and was greeted with this message…

It came as no surprise – too many invalid attempts to break into the account and Apple shut it down. It wasn’t “partially” disabled either, and the company provides no explanation on how to rectify the situation other than to move to phone support.

Will I do so? Maybe, sometime down the road, but right now it’s nothing more than a hassle.

I guess I should feel lucky that my account didn’t receive erroneous charges, but I don’t. Adding insult to injury, if I actually felt at-risk I’m no longer able to delete payment information – I have to go straight to that provider. More pain, and no gain.

The company could have easily sent me a notification, devoid of links, asking me to log into my account and confirm my information. They missed a sale (and more down the road) instead, because I’m now forced to jump through hoops to do business with them. I suspect they are just too sure of themselves.

I’m sure of one thing – I’m not alone here.

MG signing off (thankful I’ve stayed away from iDevices that could have exacerbated this issue)


“I suspect they are just too sure of themselves.”

Nail, meet head.

There are many things I like about Apple, and they are certainly head and shoulders above their competitors in many ways, but they really could use a hot steaming plate of humble Apple pie.

“they really could use a hot steaming plate of humble Apple pie”

…as could most of their users.

“…as could most of their users.”

indeed good sir

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