What do a stuffed pony and The Flyfish Journal have in common?

The answer wins you nothing besides worldwide acknowledgment of your brilliance.


Smithhammer says:

You spend extended amounts of time in the bathroom with both?

Davin says:

Neither look as good standing on top of a coffee table as your mom.

All in good fun, your blog is great!


Had this been a giveaway post, you (and Smithhammer) would have won something.

Really? You came right back with a “your mom”?

Bad Form.

Alex –

I actually like Davin’s contribution – at least it was all in humor. But the defense is appreciated, particularly coming from you. Any chance for another Kyle party/photo splurge this spring?


There is always a chance.

streamertyer says:

If the answer has anything to do with ‘between the covers’, this blog will self-destruct in 3…2…1….

Happy Festivus!

Matt Dunn says:

decorative bowl (platter?)

Matt Dunn says:

decorative bowl (platter?)

This is the second attempt to publish this comment. You and Fishing Jones need to ease up on the comment filter?

Matt Dunn says:

Oh. Maybe you’re just moderating comments. I’m new to the internet.

Let’s go PSU.

Maybe your mind just runs faster than the average Intel quad-core CPU-powered server, so you expect the comments to come up a little faster. Or, it could just be that the pages are cached, hence it takes a refresh or two for your [unmoderated] comments to show up.

Moderate Matt Dunn? A sin.

And yes, we’re all about the decorative around here, although the one depicted is just the pony’s feeding bowl.

Smithhammer says:

Dude, the fact that that pony is in your house, along with the fact that you don’t have children, really deserves an explanation…


You are right.

Ponies are easier to maintain than tricycles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXrRivLdueE

UPDATE: On a separate note, I suspect this hostility stems from the fact you don’t have a pony.

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