Fishy photogs and free beer

Fly-Fishing PhotographyAll of the fly-fishing photographers I’ve ever met (including one Mr. Tim Romano) are pretty darn serious about their craft. And it goes way beyond the hero shot, which even yours truly can’t seem to capture without someone with a shit-eating grin on their face getting in the way of the beautiful fish. I admire the skill they exhibit, and if you fancy free beer and acting like you belong in an art gallery, such as I, here’s your chance to admire them too.

There’s a new group out there called the Greenbacks – their goal is getting the yung ‘ins into fly-fishing, and along the way teaching them about native trout and the conservation efforts around them. As part of that initiative, they are putting on a shindig showcasing these masters of the digital take, at Anthology Fine Art (635 Santa Fe Drive, DenCO). Entitled Surface Film*, it’ll run the month of February and proceeds will benefit the Greenbacks, Colorado Trout Unlimited, and all those fish I can’t seem to catch. The opening is February 3rd at 6:30pm sharp, and if you show up a half hour early at precisely that time you might nab yourself a free beer.

MG signing off (to mention “free beer” one more time)

* Hat tip to Joe Cermele for coming up with that name. The editor would appreciate any tips he could provide for rebranding this site, as the present moniker is neither clever, catchy or convertible into anything of monetary value.

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