Three wishes, for the Kindle

Amazon KindleI’ve read several books on my particular device, and am happy to say it’s a pleasure. Now, however, I wish the Kindle had a little more.

In no particular order…

1) An email client. I think a scaled down version of say Thunderbird would suffice. It could be made accessible by wi-fi only, and with attachments disabled. Rich text, however, would be nice.

2) A notepad. Simple enough, particularly considering the Kindle has a decent little QWERTY keyboard on it. Allow note taking, and saving as files under a particular collection.

3) A WordPress client. Heck, my Blackberry has one, so why not the Kindle? Again, connectivity through wi-fi only, but this device would be a great mobile blogging unit even if it was just text.

MG signing off (to dream of understanding the API, so I could fulfill these wishes myself)

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