“MacBook Pro Battery ‘Service Battery’ after Snow Upgrade”

AppleIt is entirely possible this is the longest support thread I’ve ever seen: MacBook Pro Battery ‘Service Battery’ after Snow Upgrade. Now nearly 100 pages and 1,500 replies, the only entity even remotely related to the MacBook Pro that hasn’t posted seems to be Apple themselves.

Yea, I’ve had this battery issue. And I’m on my second battery and still having problems – service battery warnings after 100 cycles, life measured in minutes instead of hours, and those spontaneous shutdowns. Sure, I could have bought a new MacBook Pro, but I chose to upgrade my existing one instead. Why?

I suspect Apple ignores the issue because that’s exactly what they want me to do. It seems that’s their stock in trade, recollecting what happened with the iPhoney Baloney 4’s antenna not long ago. Here’s a free bumper – now shut the hell up!

That’s precisely why I’m doing the opposite, along with waiting for someone with a litigious streak to file the class action.

MG signing off (to say “rubber baby buggy bumpers” three times fast)

UPDATE: Apple replaced my battery, again, and this time it was an “SMP” brand instead of a Sony. Maybe the latter was the real problem, and the fact I was lucky enough to get a very pleasant and helpful rep on the line when I made the call didn’t hurt either.

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