Recycling flies

fly-fishing flies recyclingEver rifled through your fly box and asked yourself…”what the f**k was I thinking?”  You know this or that fly isn’t going to work, or at least you know something else will and you aren’t willing to waste a cast.  Or you might be far from home, which would only exacerbate the pain of bad fly choice – do you play with fire, or hedge your bets?

I burn easily, so may I suggest making some room in your box…by reclaiming those hooks and bead chain eyes.

MG signing off (to recycle some flies)


Nice timing MG. I had just finished breaking some old crap flies down to the spare parts, and whipped up some new crap flies to try this spring. Unfortunately, I am not much of a tier so the old and new basically look the same…like crap. All part of the winter doldrums.

The truth is I ran out of #1 hooks. Last time I ordered them from the shop they gave me some shit (all in fun of course) for only taking half the minimum lot and have since sold out, so I’m avoiding ordering again. On the upcoming trip I’m carrying just a half dozen or so patterns, hence this reclamation effort was done out of necessity. And winter doldrums.

Worms, dude. Worms. Make me proud.

n.taylor says:

I’m with Smithhammer.

Sorry gentlemen, but these hooks are headed out to sea.

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I know where you’re headed. Catch a bone on a worm. Seriously.

Ah, truly a man after my own heart. The thought of a san juan worm swap gets me all frisky and the like.

@The Hammer – yes, I know you are serious, and I’m listening.

@Nate – you know I don’t need anymore worms, and yet I’m listening to the Hammer. Meanwhile, I’m sending half my existing SJW supplies directly to Ms. Kennedy, for your pleasure.

n.taylor says:

She will be more than thrilled. She has become quite the connoisseur as of late. Her favorites include stoneflies, streamers, and worms with some sparkle in them.

If you catch a bone on a SJW while you’re down there, the jrinks are on me next time I’m on donkey town. Well, your first dozen jrinks, anyway…

Are you sure you need anymore jrinks? 😉

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